Sharlene Scott

Sharlene Scott has over 30 years of experience in real estate, and has extensive knowledge and understanding of the real estate process.

As a distance runner for more than 20 years, finishing over 45 marathons and half marathons worldwide, she possesses the motivation and persistence that gets her past obstacles to cross the finish line. Sharlene applies the same determination used in her running to provide financing solutions for her clients.

To accomplish any goal, you must achieve certain steps to get to the next level and ultimately reach your dream and the finish line. That’s why Sharlene specializes in working with First Time Home Buyers. First Timers are like runners. By taking their first step with Sharlene, they make their way to the finish line and their dream of homeownership becomes a reality.

Sharlene’s job does not end when your mortgage funds are advanced, she is there along the way to help keep you going and heading in the right direction. You can trust Sharlene will always be there for you.