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There are many reasons why you may want to refinance your assets. Tapping into your home equity can give you the financial funds to start a business, renovate your existing home, or purchase investment properties. At MortgageLine, our goal is to provide you with the best possible rates when you are refinancing your assets. We begin our process by evaluating your long-term goals and building a customized solution that fits your financial situation. Our mortgage specialists provide a variety of mortgage solutions that will help you achieve your goals and we will arrange a new mortgage with terms that fit your situation. Gain financial freedom with mortgage refinancing from MortgageLine. 

I'm having troubles paying my property taxes and/or income taxes. How do I make payment? The banks won't help me. 

The big banks typically do not lend funds to help customers make repayment to these institutions. However, we understand that life happens. A Mortgage Professional will work with other lenders to help you make repayment. 

I have no job but have equity in my property. Can I pull equity out of my property? 

Not working is not a deal breaker. However, lenders want to ensure you have the ability to make repayment. Mortgage Professionals work with various lenders that have special programs for these types of situations. 

I have been self-employed at my own business for less than two years. How can I apply for a mortgage? 

While owning your own business is rewarding, it can be challenging when applying for financing. Mortgage Professionals have access to various lenders who have special lending programs for situations like yours.

How much do your services cost? 

As Mortgage Professionals, we help borrowers find the best options and rates that fit your needs with the best lender. Not everyone is the same and every situation is uniquely different. We work with various lenders for every possible situation. Our Mortgage Professionals will provide full transparency of all costs if applicable upfront during your initial meeting. In most cases, these costs are very minimal and they are associated with your real estate transaction; appraisal(s), title insurance, legal and/or registration fees, and other applicable costs which will be disclosed to you.

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Our goal is to make refinancing a smooth and effective process for individuals wanting to access their equity. Tap into the value of your equity and let us show you how to make your home equity work for you. We're connected with over 50 banks and lending institutions to give you the best possible rates and our mortgage broker company can help you evaluate your options to make the best financial decision. Whether you are looking to change from a variable to a fixed rate mortgage or refinancing to pull out equity, our mortgage brokers will make the process simple and easy. Refinancing your assets can be a confusing situation. Our mortgage specialists will determine your needs and guide you through the process quickly and efficiently. We tailor our solutions to your individual situation so you know that you are receiving the best possible mortgage refinancing solution. 

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